• Zoe Isaac

Not just food for the tum(my)

After a morning of work, I came home and dashed to the fridge for a snack to find this staring back at me....leftovers from last night's gathering of dear friends. HU Bison friends. Brother and sister friends. Deep down home friends. The kind of friends you get giddy about meeting up with so you can share what's happened in your life since the last time you all met face to face.

We all gather over each other's homes usually once a month. Always with great food and drinks! We rarely take pictures of our gatherings because they're soooooo not about that. There maybe a picture of the food but that's a rarity. Last night was no different. Conversation, laughter and big bear hugs started immediately. The shoes come off and we sit and eat and share. We listen intently, advise, love and support. Sometimes we miss a month or two of these gatherings but make up for it when we do get together.

I've noticed that there are many small pockets of HU Bison that gather at one time or the other. I only hope that they are as loving and "let your hair down" as our little group, and enjoy each other as much if not more. We will do this again before homecoming - share our souls and food.

So, as I sit and tear into these muscles and drink the broth and grin about the other delectable dishes we devoured, the great advise that I didn't have time to pen down, but somehow miraculously remember and the love that we shared, I reflect on over 30yrs of friendship and look forward to the blessing of 30 more - one day at a time. HU - U Know!

©2013 by Zoe Isaac