• Zoe Isaac

Mom & Pop Chronicles: Touching Base

I had a good two hours of sleep Tuesday night and hit the road by 4a. My plan was to pack my metals to cut so when I returned to the District all I would have to do is basic assembly line stuff: Solder, acid bath, place stones... That didn't happen. I refused to sweat it. Said my prayers and headed south to see my folks. The truckers, one in particular, had a bee in his bonnet and decided to play dodge ball on I-95. I slowed down to watch the show and not be a part of his party for 1. The rest of the drive was cool but the difference in traffic when leaving at 3:30 vs 4:00 was vast. Less weed smell but more crowds and irratic driving.

When I opened the door Pop was already making his way downstairs, fully dressed. He quickly told me about his sore foot and what he had done to remedy the problem. He also had one of his swim shoes in hand in case he needed it during the day. He had already set Mom's vitamins out for the day and proceeded to catch me up on the happenins' . I peeped in on Mom who was still asleep so I took the opportunity to shower. Soon after, Pop was on his way out the door, Mom's morning aide was walking in and Mom was up so I gave her a smooch and headed to the kitchen to put something in those pots and pans. Our evening aide has been out so I get my opportunity to a scrabble match with the Spear Maiden later.

The morning went by really quickly. Mom swung thru the kitchen and she and I snacked on Godiva Masterpiece Dark Chocolate Ganache Hearts - those things should be illegal and was just a start to my day of eating all things sweet and decadent. I enjoyed the just me and her time. Yeah, the tv was loud because her hearing aid batteries needed changing (Pop did it when he got home), but I didn't care. I would have done it, but the sugar high I was on and the lack of sleep made it impossible. She asked me about the wherabouts of "Fat Ricky" one of the old neighborhood kids I used to play with, Aunt Tee( my beloved friend's mother), Ms. Barbara (my brother's beloved babysitter who lived around the corner) - she has forgotten that all of them have left this realm, so I reminded her. Painful for me that she forgets these things, but the conversations we have about them are joyous.

After lunch Mom went down for a nap.....something I should have done too. We played scrabble after dinner. Pop was home and his foot was better. She wiped the board with my thoughts of beating her and had looked at me as if to say she'd do it again if I gave her the chance. By then the tv's decibles were scrambling my brain so I left the room of over abundant sound for a breaky-break. Pop changed the batteries and turned the tv down. PoP and I got to spend some quality time over the recycling bin. It took a pair of hedge clippers and a box cutter to break up some super strong cardboard that came with some appliance packing. Done for the day, I snuck upstairs and planted myself on the bed.

Morning came before I desired. Pop was up to check that I was going to leave at 6 like I had said the night before. I was a little behind schedule but not too much. I kissed Mom "Later" not "Bye" ('cause she doesn't like goodbyes) and hugged/head bumped Pop (something that naturally evolved from a simple hug). Pop sent me out with a bag of limes (it's either lemons or limes)....he know's I enjoy tart and twangy and I hit the road. Yooooooo, Virginia drivers are completely off the chain. Their antics never cease to amaze me and I don't amaze easily. I said my traveling prayers and made it back in one piece. Called in to let the folks know I made it. Pop always clocks my travel time ..... Looking forward to my next visit.


©2013 by Zoe Isaac