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Mom & Pop Chronicles: Managed madness

Soooooo this has been an emotionally rough past couple of days. The matriarch of the Gadsden Clan passed away. Although I am no longer married to her son, my love and fondness for her never wained. I hadn't seen her physically in years and had planned on going to SC to see her after I learned of her prognosis. My girls made it down for Father's day and then again a few weeks ago. I got to face time both times with Ms. Christina - she made me laugh both times. Constant humor and quick whit. I though I still had time to get there. That would not be. My trips home to see my own Mom make taking additional trips difficult and most times impossible. I stay in touch with the Gadsden family because they still have me and I love their crazy butts dearly. I say crazy as a term of endearment. My heart has been heavier than I though it would be but the outpouring of familial love and recent video recaps are wonderful. When Rudy called Joie early Tuesday morning and then asked to speak to me, I knew what had happened. I held my child as she wept and then called my eldest to check on her. She was weepy as I knew she would be but said she was okay and would go into work.

My girlfriend from HU lost her son and I believe I found out later that day...I think, I may have them mixed up but the last few days have been a painful, gut wrenching blur. I have been tired before, but damn, when your soul hurts it's hard to fight the exhaustion.

Life continues and so do duties so I actually packed the night before and not the morning of and headed home to see Mom & Pop. I broke the news to them and it was hard to see their reaction. Pop and Ms. Christina shared the same birthday (same year too, I believe) so they would contact each other to say Happy Birthday...... I have to change the subject for a moment.....I'm tired of crying.......

Wednesday (yesterday) Pop popped my bedroom door open and said he was headed out and sure could use a breakfast sandwich because he was in a rush (as usual). I had managed to squeak in about a 30 minute nap and was really delirious but stumbled downstairs and fixed him a sammich in 2 minutes flat and ran back upstairs for another 30 minutes. He made it out - not sure if he got to work on time.

Mom and I had a pretty "chill" day after she got up and dressed. I was worried about her appetite because Pop had said that she didn't eat much the day before..... hmmmmm. I went into worry mode but then stopped myself. I had a sinus thingy going on and was sneezing like the dickens so I didn't give her a smooch. I told her why....she understood and looked at me as if to say.....(yep....you keep your germy ass over there until you get that sneezing under wraps). I scrambled Mom some salmon in place of that dreadful Spam and replaced the breakfast lettuce (don't ask) with apple sauce just for a change. She cleaned her plate. She hadn't slept well the previous night. Pop said she had some wild dreams and was crying (by the time I had gotten there) because of confusion about Pop leaving for his trip and family that had passed long ago. I never liked to see Mom in pain or cry. Even as a kid, it killed me. It still kills me but by the time I got to her room to peek in on her, the tears were gone. Thank God.

Fast forward to lunch - it was a late one. She slept like a baby after the CNA left at 1pm and so did I. I was awakened by the sound of her walker in the hallway and I jumped up to see if she needed me. She did not, but she was ready for lunch. I prepped it quick, loaded the chicken salad sammich with lettuce (to make up for the lack there of at breakfast). She ate it all - Yay.....no more worries about the appetite. I knew she just need a little change. She asked to play Scrabble. We played - she whopped my ass. I fixed her a petit plate for dinner and she ate that too! Pop came home ate his leftover lunch + some extras I had fixed and asked me if I had decided whether I was going to take him to the airport the next morning or call him a Uber (Youber he calls it). I quickly answered Uber. I know better. I have no room for stress. The Isaacs (Pop and my Aunts) have notoriously run late when it comes to catching a plane. I remember many OJ runs thru the airports and back in the day, many held up planes. Planes wait for no one these days but back in the day.......lordy, lordy, lordy. So, I knew what I would be in for if I took Pop to the airport - me stressed out and him rushing. I love Youber!!! My brother ordered the Youber ride.

I slipped upstairs and jumped in the bed. Mom had already turned in. At around 3am, I hear voices. It's Pop talking to Mom - about what I don't know. It's hot as all beJesus in the house (or maybe it was just hot flashes). When I wake up hot, I'm cranky as hell. I always go to bed with a glass of water - a habit I picked up from my maternal grandmother - Miss Edie Bell. Well, when I'm at the parentals house I always fill up these 24+ oz tumblers with water and drink them through out the day refilling them a few times. I had sat one on the night stand right next to the bed in case I woke up thirsty. This one was a pretty purple color, filled to the brim. Well, I shifted my pillows to get comfortable again and get a couple of more hours of sleep and knocked the pretty purple tumbler over. At first I didn't realize I had done it until I heard this peeing noise and I knew it wasn't me. Also on this night table was an alarm clock that I absolutely hate because of the bright green numbers and nearby was my phone, my laptop , a small trash can and the power strip. Well , my phone fell in the trash can that was collecting water, the laptop was getting wet and the power strip started to talk like an iron skillet full of frying, popping, bacon. I stared in disbelief in all that was happening for what seemed like an eternity and I finally ran and got a towel and started dabbing water off of the electronics, unplugged the poppin power strip and grinned at the alarm clock that I think I shorted out because the numbers were looking like letters and it started playing music from the off position.....ooooooooo.

Pop's driver was named Kathleen and was wearing a bright neon green vest along with another passenger. The kind of vest construction workers wear so they can be seen by the many blind drivers passing by. It was 5am, I was asking no questions. Pop was doing some last minute figuring-out..... which work bag to take. I looked at Pop and left the room so he could decide without conversation. Kathleen was coming around the corner and Pop needed to be ready....like now. He made it out the door. I headed back upstairs to sleep and jumped back in the bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow, the door bell rang. I just knew someone had watched the Youber leave and was scheeming to rob the joint and over take me. I found some imaginary balls and carried them back downstairs with me and rolled up on the front door like a gangster and yelled, in my Eddie Murphy as Donkey on Shreck voice - WHO IS IT!!!! ? I didn't see the YOuber so I was prepared for anything. It was Pop......he forgot his sunshades.....damnit man! I found a pair of his shades and gave them to him.....they wern't the one's he wanted. SIGH. SO, he ran to his car, got another pair and hopped back into the Youber. Pop made it to the airport and to his destination only to call me from the cab to let me know that traffic was slow and he was late to his first class..........Ooooooooo.

Oh yeah, Pop, before he left, showed me Mom's meds and supps. I hadn't prepared them in a long time because he has a habit of running over to do it in the mornings while rushing to get ready for whatever. Some were in the kitchen and some were in the dining room. He actually though I was going to remember which bottle he tapped in the kitchen and which ones he tapped in the dining room. I picked up each bottle he tapped and set them in a group in one place. He paused, looked at me and started to say something, but said nothing. He knew what I did made more sense. I don't know how in the world he was able to remember it his way - no wonder it took him so long to prep that stuff. That was madness - to me anyway. I was glad to figure out that 90 percent of the meds were vitamins/supplements and only a couple were meds. Huge freaking change from when I did them last - sooooo happy I was to see this!

Mom ate all of her breakfast again this morning. I had planned on working out while she was showering but my body wasn't ready. After the CNA left, I worked out while Mom napped. I did Core dynamics with Shaun T - 25 minutes of pure hell but it works. I was ashamed of how poorly I performed - not really - HA because I was good and tired before I started. I was still in my drenched with sweat clothes when Mom woke up - we ate lunch together and chatted about what I can't remember but Mom's memory seems to be getting a bit better. Pop noticed it and had asked me if I had noticed on one of his many calls during the day to check in on his Love. I took the first shower I had in 2 days and came back to Mom to play another match of Scrabble. I prepped differently this time. I brought another TV tray in and butted it up against the other so we would have a larger playing surface. I took the lazy suzan holding the cooking spices from the kitchen and put it on the large tray and placed the Scrabble board atop. Now, I figured the playing field would be semi-even because I would no longer have to play Mrs. Gertrude while looking at an upside-down board. I WAS READY!!! And.....still got my ass whooped - not as badly as yesterday, but still................

So, Mom turned in early and I sit here typing when I should be designing labels - film at 11. Pop called once again to check on Mom who is still knocked out. His first day of classes went well, we chatted about some other stuff and then said good night. The phone rang a few seconds later. Pop. He forgot to tell me something, so he told me "something" and hung up again. The phone rang a few seconds later. Pop. I cracked up and so did he......one more thing......he promised not to call again tonight. My folks.......


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