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Mom & Pop Chronicles - July 11-12

I stayed up late....way too late with Joie the night before I needed to be on the road at no later that 3:30 ish am to head home to the folks. I hit snooze a couple of times and made myself get packed and ready in an hour's time. I kissed my daughter bye-bye and snuck out of the house,, jumped in the car and headed south. I was greeted by the strong smell of skunk/ganja on 95 when I passed a slew of truckers - 18 wheelers who were all parked together and obviously taking a smokey break. I could almost taste it, it was so strong...I giggled because I immediately thought of the Shaggy mobile on Scooby Doo.

Put key to door at 7am. The house was quiet so I made a B-line for the bed for 45 minutes of sleep. The crash sleep was good but not enough. Pop called me at 8am as he was headed downstairs. I crawled out of bed and woke up just enough to listen to instruction....it's been the same for a while with little change in the routine. Pop went to give mom some pain meds for her tum and I peeked in on her to say hi. She was peeking above the covers and gave me the biggest smile, so I made my way over to give her a kiss. Since she seemed to be so alert so early, I asked her if she wanted breakfast - she said yes, so I made my way to the kitchen to get it started. Pop ran down what she was now eating in the way of meat ( skinless hot dogs and spam is what he was trying with her ). I had already started a piece of chicken apple sausage, but he said that the skin on it bothered her. I almost made a disapproving kid face at the skinless dogs and spam but Pop has a hard job on his hands and apparently this is what's working momentarily (or not). So I warmed up the mystery meat stuff and scrambled an egg for her but not before I realized that Pop was sort of putzing around the house getting himself ready to leave and he hadn't yet eaten anything. I offered to make him a breakfast sammich (spam and egg on untoasted wheat bread). I wrapped it in foil thinking he was going to eat in the car but he ended up eating it at home. His lunch was already packed (he prepped it the night before) . He prepped Mom's meds and left them for me to dispense after Mom had her breakfast. He kinda hung around to see if I was doing stuff like he does - lordy. He put 2 pieces of toast in the toaster for Mom - I was temped to take 1 out because I had a feeling she wouldn't eat 2. What do I know right? He also gave me the new jar of jam to put on her toast. AND the hydroponic lettuce - buttery enough for her to digest with ease. Pop reminded me that she didn't need a knife....sigh. I obliged and carried her breakfast in to her along with her hot mocha. Pop finally left for work....apparently not pressed about the a.m. meeting he mentioned under his breath.

After breakfast the replacement Aide arrived 9am. Mom didn't eat that 2nd piece of toast..... This young lady wasn't my Charmaine, but was nice enough. She was from NC and only there for a couple of days....today was the second of her 2 days with Mom. She did everything she was supposed to but made quite a few personal calls which didn't sit right with me. I left it alone though because I didn't want to report her and have her lose her job. I also didn't want to confront her because she was taking care of precious cargo - my MOM.

Sleep was on my agenda unfortunately so after the aide left and after I fixed Mom lunch, Chicken salad sammich, apple sauce and a PC which she ate because the spam and devil dogs came back (breakfast fail) on the plate with a request to "wrap it up" and save it for later. That's code for "I'm not eating this ish" so you might as well disentegrate it - lol!!! Mom was sleepy too and we had 4 hours to be together alone before the next aide came in at 5pm. Unfortunately, there were no board games to be played....just the reading of the newspaper and the latest Essence Mag (that I brought down for her) for Mom and staring into space for me. I told her that I was going to take a short nap in the den and for her to holla if she needed anything. Turns out she needed a nap too. The tables have turned on the magazine thing. It used to be that I would, during any and every visit home, catch up on the wonderful magazines Mom had subscriptions to - Essence, Jet, Ebony, etc. She's since discontinued most of them so for me to leave my Essence with her was a treat.

I woke up in time to fix Mom dinner - honey butter and herb salmon, spinach and warmed up her garlic mashed potatoes. It all came back....she downed a chocolate protein drink instead. Pop went back out to the store after coming home to get some ink for the printer. It took us a minute to figure out how to remove the ink cartridges because the printer was relatively new and regular pulling action wasn't working. I You Tubed the instructions for and answer. I noticed his hands. The hands of a 25 yr old - the hands of a surgeon. He has taken care of those hands well. I used to always snicker because his hands would always be ashy and only because of the constant hand washing one has to do as a physician. Between that and the latex gloves, hand lotion wasn't in the vocab. and he never seemed pressed. Because there was no major cooking to be done, I crept upstairs and hopped in the bed to take a nap. Exhausted from what, I wouldn't find out until this morning when I arose. Pop didn't wake me up for anything. The only thing that did awaken me before the night time aide left was the severe thunderstorm that hit the area. I wouldn't wake up again until 7am when I figured out I had survived my nightmare.

I had dreamed that I was being chased by three brothers/bruthas who were trying to snuff me out because I saw something that I wasn't supposed to and needed to be exterminated. They didn't care that I was a black woman. They didn't care that I was a mother. I ran like a superhero, jumping buildings, scaling walls and shit. I dodged two of them, but on got me on the last wall I tried to scale. I had been hit at least three times and fell to the ground like a mound of concrete. I was bleeding like crazy and felt my life force slipping from my shell. I was starting to fade and opened my eyes to find that I was surrounded by a mountain of pillows, sheets and a comforter. My glasses were under me and my laptop nearby. I was never so glad to figure out that I was still alive and it was just a crazy crazy dream. I was tired from all of the dream running so I crawled out of bed and made my way to the bathroom for a morning pee - only to discover that I had been visited by the monthly red iron maiden. I'm too old for this shit!

I heard Pop's feet downstairs and my favorite Charmaine was already at the house and getting Mom showered. I took a quick shower listening to my favorite house music song - Na Batida do Agogo (Osunlade Remix) by Grupo Batuque, got dressed, packed my stuff and headed downstairs to see if Pop needed help with breakfast before I hit the road - not. He was boppin around in his cargo shorts and t-shirt fixing breakfast and I wasn't about to interrupt his process. When he found out I was leaving shortly, he did commandeer me to chop some peppers, but that was it. I chatted with Mom who was dressed and getting her hair "did" by Charmaine and was almost out the door when Pop convinced me to take some bananas and a bucket of lettuce he hadn't used. I had to get a baggie of ice and set it on top of the lettuce container to convince him that it would make the trip back up. I hugged Pop, kissed Mom and headed to gas up and get going. Traffic was cool til Fredericksburg..... summer time traffic to and from the beach sucks eggs. I automatically think everyone who is on 95 headed South is headed to Va. Beach and everyone who is headed North like I was during non-rush hour......well, I dunno. I left at 10:30 am and didn't get home till 3pm. I called the folks to check in and Pop told me the hearing aid folk finally called and he had to get Mom to the place by 4pm so he was running.

He called me back a couple of minutes ago - 9:30 pm with glee in his voice. Mom had her hearing aids in and the TV was down low. Pop said you could barely hear it , the TV, and we both laughed - he is so freakin happy now. He put me on the phone with Mom to see how she responded to hearing my voice. She answered the phone sexily in a hushed tone - "hellooooo". I damn near fell out of my seat. We chatted a bit about the traffic and then she gave me back to Pop. Yo, Mom can hear again and we don't have to repeat and holler. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I convinced the squirt to go with me next week so we can visit and hit the beach too.


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