• Zoe Isaac

Mom & Pop Chronicles - Holiday 2018

I finally got both girls in my grasp long enough so we could take a trip to see Yops & Pops. As of late, it has been just me or me and one of the girls. Yops and Pops is a nickname we gave my parental units years ago when Hoops and Yoyo were big on the Hallmark e-card scene. The know nothing about it, but it's our term of endearment for them.

Travelling the day after Christmas was a bit tough because of all of the family activity on Christmas day and I'm the only driver (#donotaskIwillnotexplain). We rolled in at 7:30am and all dove face first in the bed. Pop said something to us all before leaving to go to work (yes work.....on the 26th - Boxing Day). I mumbled something and didn't wake back up until it was almost time for Mom's nursing assistant to arrive at 9am. That was the roughest drive I had done in a long time and the last 20 minutes was pure torture....I just wanted to pull over and sleep.

Mom was already up when we got there and I ran in and kissed her before she jumped back in the bed. Yes, she is getting stronger and gets around quite well with the use of her walker. Help with showering and washing hair is kinda the most that she needs help with.....well and remembering stuff. This is why we play so much scrabble.

I fixed Mom's breakfast and she ate it all. Maia was the first one to pop downstairs and suprise her Yaya. Joie was the second. Joie had on a pair of torn jeans. Yaya/Yops called them holey. Pops later commented that she was going to catch one of the Ritis brothers wearing them in this weather - Arthur. Back to Yops. The girls and I challenged her to a game of Scrabble and she got really excited but said she wanted to nap first, so we ran out to Panera to pick up lunch and came back ready. Mom woke up some time later and took Maia and I on first. Joie opted out to finish eating her Mac N Cheese (silly girl). Anyway, Maia and I lost to the Spear Maiden and left Joie to fend for herself during the second match. Poor child didn't stand a chance and what made it worse is that they were both nodding off at the board and Mom still beat her by 100 points (DAYUM)!

The evening assistant came in when Joie and Mom were playing. She has learned to play Scrabble with Mom and loves it which is a great relief to me because now she has someone to keep her brain active on a continuum. Pop came home after calling to see if I needed anything. I did.....(chicken for chicken salad and Dukes Mayo)......I thought I had used all of the mayo up and didn't see what was in the cupboard. He came home with about 3 Dukes Mayos.....oops.

We had gotten a warm and fuzzy blankie for Mom who said it made her feel good before she even touched it. Pop got slippers....he liked them. No time for putting a tree up or even the door wreath (I could never find the thingamabob that hangs on the door so the wreath could hang on it), just time for food and conversation and catching up. Gift giving is a stressful thing for me this time of the year and I threaten to quit each year. My parents have everything (materially) so being creative isn't easy. My opinion on Christmas is another conversation for another time. I do love the season and the warmth of family and friends that it brings. I can't get enough of that warm and fuzzy! Like I need an infusion of gatherings every couple of months to keep me good. In between time, I need peace.

The girls and I slept like rocks. Some of the silliness that ensues when we get together cannot and should not be shared on a blog.....needless to say, we laughed ourselves to sleep.

This morning before we hit the road, Pop and the girls had their usual tea time (I call it). Pop usually gets in a few stories and they eat breakfast together. He buttered and toasted bread for them, fixed eggs and mocha. I got around to fixing the chicken salad and pan seared some salmon. Breakfast was delish and we left just in time to get stuck on the Hampton Roads Bridge tunnel because somebody decided to crash their car (I hope it wasn't too serious). We hung on the bridge for a good 30 minutes before parting to let the firetrucks thru..... I haven't learned my lesson yet with that route. Whatever had happened, I don't think we'll ever know because at the other end of the tunnel was nothing.....like nothing ever happened. Anywho, safely back home we are unwinding and the cat, Ruby Dee is snoring.... I pray you all had and have days filled with love and laughter and family that you have gathered along the way or were born into. Good Night. Peace and blessings to you all.


©2013 by Zoe Isaac