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Mom & Pop Chronicles - 8/1-2

My travelling buddy was not with me this go round. Prayers up and hit the road I did. Got in to find Pop in the kitchen doing something.....can't remember what though. He was telling me stuff and it was the same stuff as usual. New CNA, he's pleased with her. I'm pleased that he's pleased. Still missing Charmaine but moving on. He left the house really late....without his mocha. Soon after, the CNA arrived. She usually gets mom in the shower before breakfast because Pop takes a bit longer with his food prep. I had already fixed Mom's breakfast and she was ready to eat. It threw Mom's aide a little off because Mom wanted to chill after eating and look at the Price Is Right and such. I felt bad but we convinced her that this shower was a good thing and she could nap after that. She did and so did I. I had mentioned Scrabble and she was game but it never happened. We did manage to have lunch together and FaceTime with Joie which made her day. My nap lasted til 4pm ish. I was awakened by the sound of her walker in the hallway. I napped in the den in the "crack chair" and caught my head bobbing many times but I couldn't make it stop. It was not my plan to sleep that long because I had cooking to do.

Mom's diet has changed a bit - much more restrictive. She decided against surgery. Pop and I breathed a collective sigh of relief. She's come so far in her recovery that I was dreading seeing her have to try to recover from another surgery again so bland diet it is. Pop told me that morning before he left for work that Mom had found the nuts and was snacking on them a day or so ago. She forgot that she wasn't supposed to have them and he felt bad. Thank God she sweaked by that one so Pop sent me packing with the rest of the household stash of peanuts and we threw away some walnuts that were in the fridge for God knows how long. I shall not mention Mom's diet - it's unconventional.... let's say, it's designed to keep her well and the goodies are to keep her from getting hangry.

Pop got home at his usual time and dinner was cooked so all the both of them had to do was eat. Mom had cleaned her plate and liked my salmon cakes. After Pop got settled, I let him know that I was going to Target to get a new swim suit (a whole other blog). He said "Targhay". I said yep, Targhay (lol). I was tickled at the fact that he said Targhay. When I returned it was after 10, I peeked in on Mom who I though was alseep. Pop said that she had asked for me and was concerned that I had already left for DC. He peeked in on her and she was not sleeping - dang that was quick, so we ended up changing the batteries in her new hearing aids. That was bonding time for Pop and I. We squinted and fumbled with the batteries and tested them because he had a battery tester (Inspector Gadget) and he lovingly took them back to her so she could hear the next morning. I turned in, and was awakened by Pop's voice calling my name.

It was 9am and apparently we all slept in because the doorbell was ringing (the aide's start time) and he wasn't dressed enough to get the door so I stumbled downstairs in a big t-shirt to get the door and then ran back upstairs because it was beach day for me. I hopped in the shower and got dressed. Pop was still fixing breakfast when I got to the kitchen. He gingerly washes lettuce and is very meticulous. He wants Mom to have lettuce with her breakfast. I checked in on Mom and she was headed toward the shower. I waited til she got out to make sure she knew where I was going. She asked me if I was going to the beach alone with a very concerned look on her face and told me to be careful. Pop warned me of the undertow. (Beach deets under Swimsuit blog). When I returned, Mom's mouth flew open and she looked at me as if I was the best thing since sliced bread. I was sandy and eager to get cleaned up but not before checking in with Pop who was ready to run some errands of his own.

I fixed Mom lunch and asked her if she wanted to play Scrabble after she finished. She said yeah, grinned at me and finished that sammich right quick. Scrabble match on! I pulled an "I", she pulled a "t". I went first. My first word was 3 letters "Hex". I should have known that I hexed my own damn a$$. Mom whooped up on me like a freshly skimmed switch off of a tree. I don't know why she though I was winning. I think she was just trying to make me feel good. I felt good that we got in at least that one game. I licked my wounds and got ready to hit the road, determined to beat the storm. Pop made sure I had those peanuts and the gluten free crackers he bought for me because he didn't want to chance Mom eating anything sharp. Don't ask why he said they were for me. I know he likes to shop. I was temped to ask him if he wanted his HU Bison cap that's been sitting in a box on the couch forever. It's new .....well never worn and just sitting there. I figured I'd leave him alone with the hat though because I don't think he has any other Bison paraphenalia. I will get my own Bison cap and leave the "Grand Bison" and his goodies alone. I left hoping that the weather would hold out - it did not.

It rained from Hampton to just after Williamsburg.....hard. The road is still crappy because of construction and everyone knew it. No one wanted to do anything stupid and we all road about 50 mph till it slacked up. I got home in good time and called to check in with the folks. Love them....


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