• Zoe Isaac

Mom & Pop Chronicles

I drove down to see Mom and Pop yesterday. Left early as usual because I needed to accompany Pop to handle some business. Leaving the morning after the Superbowl was hard. Yeah, I watched it. That is all. After a season of protest, I wanted to see large men in small tights running across the field. I enjoyed it! The half-time show was everything. I got 3 hours of sleep because I had to stay up to see the Masked Singer. Yep, had to! I had just delivered a finished job to a long time client and wanted to unwind. Joie and I ate Potbelly food and I had a glass of wine and a slice of pizza. So, tired as I was I made it out the door and hit the road on time - no bra and comfortable skivvies (clothes). Travelling without a chest plate is a big thing for me because well.....time, gravity, HA! My boobs have two moods: Awake and asleep. More asleep than awake. The drive down was uneventful and I made it home just in time to get a shower and get dressed before Pop hollered upstairs to see if I was ready. I had this ride with him all planned out in my head. I had it planned that I would drive because Pop's driving can be really fast and he has no trouble breaking on a dime. I was prepared to get the address of the place we had to go to so I could fire up Waze and I would drive his car. No time for breakfast, just time to go. He had everything he needed and Mom's CNA had come early to hang with her so we headed to his car. Something told me to just shut up though and see how everything progresses. I decided not to intercede so I jumped into the passenger seat and readied myself for the unknown ride. Pop had elevator music on which was sooooo freakin' chill. I had expected to hear the buzz of an AM station and a walkie-talkie like voice but no, just chill elevator music. I immediately relaxed. He backed out of the driveway, checked for something I couldn't understand and then we proceeded to go. So guess what? The ride was smooth as hell! I failed to mention that Pop finally decided to stop working and apparently this has had an almost Zen like effect on him! Cool beans. We went to handle business and were back home within the hour.

Time for breakfast. I asked Pop if he wanted me to fix breakfast. He obliged. Same stuff, different way of cooking. We were both in the kitchen at the same time chatting about food and other stuff that escapes my memory. Mom was up and brushing her teeth so I decided to jump in the bathroom with her and give her a kiss. She didn't mind. With breakfast done and eaten, I decided that I would hang in the living room with Pop. I had some reports to get out and approved so I pulled out the laptop and got to work. The kind of work that requires a bit of silence. Pop got a call that required me to help since I had to pull up an email for him and attempt to fax or scan something. Pop is not a computer guy. So.....I had to pull myself away from my looming deadline and help get him squared away. This however would be the day when the printer wouldn't fax or scan. I mumbled to myself but just loud enough for Pop to know that I had to get back to work and this was holding me up (tee-hee). I ended up having to take a pic of the document and sending it thru my phone. Problem solved, now back to work. Pop was tempted on several occasions to strike up conversations with me but reminded himself that I was working and was unable to fully respond. So we just occupied the same space and did our thing and he talked to me without really talking to me if that makes any sense. I just wanted to be in his space. Lunch time came and went and Pop took care of that. I made a quick sammich and perched it in front of my work. No one day trip down and back for me. I decided to stay overnight much earlier in the day.

I took my sammich in the other room with Mom. I had promised that we would play scrabble when I took a break earlier in the day and she looked happy about that when she looked up at me just long enough to finish sparring with herself in a game of what? Scrabble. Mom had already finished eating when I made my back to eat my lunch with her. She was nodding off so I proceeded to eat and share her space. I decided to grab my computer and finish up work in the room with Mom. Mom is usually the quieter of the two. But, she managed to ask me about everybody and everything she could think of while I was trying to work. I said nothing about work and tried to answer all of her questions. I've noticed that her memory has gotten a little worse and she had forgotten that quite a few people that she mentioned have passed. We laughed about the elderly man who lived around the corner from us in DC that my brother used to mock when he was little because the man, who was quite old way back then would do this scoot shuffle thing when out walking to get his exercise. I told her that his house had been refurbished and was absolutely gorgeous now and on sale for 1.3 million. I told her that I would show her pics but forgot to because we talked about so much.

I decided to take my office upstairs to finish up what I could and grab some quiet. I ate my makeshift dinner up there too. Pop had asked if I wanted anything in particular for dinner a couple of times and proceeded to tell me what Harris Teeter offered. Mind you, there was a fridge full of food and I fully appreciated the offer but declined and said that I would find something to eat. I did. I also found a pack of chocolate on chocolate Klondike bars in the freezer so I treated myself to one of those too! I resisted the pound cake and his hit-the-floor and come up with hair on your chest banana daiquiri. I never made it back downstairs.....sleep took over.

My plan was to head back up to DC at 7am. I made it out of the door by 8a. Pop sent me packin' with two loaves of bread and two boxes of Carr crackers (pepper). I gave both he and Mom a peck on the cheek and actually left without tearing up. I'm so grateful they are still here. The traffic report wasn't good at all for 664 North, but Waze mentioned nothing about it so I gassed up and followed directions. I figured whatever had happened at 6am had cleared so, I proceeded to go my normal route. Waze had other plans and I listened. I went from 464 to 64 to 664 and then quickly off to a new route dropping me on 460 headed toward Petersburg. I guess whatever had happened on 664 had not cleared and I felt like I held the golden ticket when I got on Route 460. It was like I had been transported to my mom's home town of Murfreesboro, NC. The homes, the BBQ Pit stops, the vintage cars for sale, the gas tanks on the sides of houses, the smell of paper mills and cigars. I was transported back to my childhood visits to see my grandma. The ever changing speed limits of 35, 45, 55 - WOW! To top it all off, I had my James Brown CD playing. All I needed was some color blocked suede shoes, some knickers, knee socks and a graffic t-shirt and I would have been set to partay 70's style. I think this is going to be my new route back to DC from now on. From Rt. 460 to 295 to 95. Relaxing until I got to 95. 95 is what it is....just 95. No more, no less. This new route only added about a good 15 minutes to my drive. A good extra cool 15 minutes. I was tempted to stop at one of the corner stores and pick up a bag of pork skins. Don't ask. No, I don't eat them anymore....well.....let's just say I don't and I'll never admit it.

So all in all Mom and Pop seem to be doin' the do at 81 and 84. I'm pleased as punch about that.


©2013 by Zoe Isaac