• Zoe Isaac

Mom & Pop Chronicles

Visiting my parents is bittersweet these days. I don't know quite what I'm going to get. I pray for everything to be all right before I put the key in the door. I peek in on sleeping Mom as soon as I put my bags down and then go to find Pop. He's showering as usual and I holler hello just in case he hears me - usually not.

I fixed Pop's breakfast sammich and wrapped it in foil because I knew he wouldn't have time to eat before heading out to work. He made it easy for me because he had already prepared the innereds of the sammie - a perfectly square egg, pork ribs and a sliced open hot dog. Yep, I no longer argue about it's contents. That's futile. His lunch had already been prepared and was sitting in the fridge so I contemplated on whether to fix his coffee/mocha. I did not and headed to bed.

Pop came in to talk to me soon after I climbed in. I mustered up enough energy to raise my head and reply. He doesn't stand as tall as he used to - something I'm sad about. He definitely has slowed down but refuses to rest like we all think he should. It's in his DNA.

AAA personality. I heard the garage door open as he left a little later and knew that was my signal to get up and get ready for the day with Ma. I went downstairs to the kitchen and regretted not fixing Pops drink or pulling his lunch out of the fridge because they were still there, untouched. He at least took the breakfast sandwich.

I peeked in on Mom again after the CNA arrived and went in to plant a kiss on her. She gave me a kiss and a hug back and asked me how I was. I asked her the same. Our answers to each other were the same - tired... I left her to get breakfast started and she went to get showered. Tuna cakes, eggs, toast and coffee. I try to time it so that when she's dressed breakfast is coming. As Mom ate, I decided to as well. Why I drank more coffee, I dunno, but I did. Mind you, I hadn't had coffee in a good month or so. Pop had added wheat back into mom's diet a couple of months back. I said nothing, but just shook my head in agreement when he told me. I just keep an eye on her as I'm sure he does to see if it has any adverse affects. I think it has increased her sleepiness. I am also reserving my comments to him about that for the moment. Lunch time rolled around and the time flew. I didn't have time to lunch with Mom because I was in the kitchen cooking but promised a Scrabble game after I copped a couple of hours of sleep. We played a couple of games after dinner, which is when I woke back up. I missed dinner, Pop was asleep at the kitchen counter with his lunch plate half eaten and mom was concerned that he wasn't feeling well. I checked in on him and he admitted to being tired and said that he felt that he may be coming down with a bug. It took him 2 hours of nodding at the plate to finish it. I won both games of Scrabble with Mom and felt bad about it. I told her that the letters were just in my favor this go round and she agreed. She plays Scrabble by herself now to keep her mind as fresh as possible and to beat boredom she says. This makes me really sad because I feel like I should be the one to have Mom's calendar filled with fun and frolic, but I've accepted that maybe she really is semi-okay with her circumstances and doesn't want to run the streets with me like we used to do. I'm still adjusting to this new normal for her.

After Scrabble, I quietly dismissed myself and went back to bed. Pop was in his chair asleep and Mom had made her way into the kitchen to wash up the last of the dishes. I remembered when she could barely stand for 30 seconds at the sink because she was so sick so this was a treat.

The morning came quickly and I took my time getting up and ready to go. It was 8ish when I was ready to head out. Pop was up and ready to take some Emergen C and hot tea for his bug. Mom was still alseep but I awoke her to let her know I was hitting the road. We exchanged sweet kisses and Pop saw me to the door. Because I didn't know what kind of bug he was dealing with, I skipped the hug. Foul, I know right? I felt bad but this is what we do when one of us is coming down with something - we give space lol!

I hit the road knowing that God willing i'll be down next week or the week after with the girls. Great weather and good roads for the ride back. I called to let them know I made it back safely. Pop reminded me that I forgot to take back the peppers and questioned how many onions I took because he expected me to take more. Next time....


©2013 by Zoe Isaac